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hey girrls we're emi & laura and we created this blog to keep y'all updated on things happening in matt's life c:
So have fun & enjoy matthunteredits! ♕
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Mar 8 / 9
follow the leader

follow the leader

Mar 8 / 6

hey guys so uhmm..  im so sorry for not being posting, but I’m back!

Qué hay señoritas?! Estaré posteando nuevos edits de matt♥♥ en breve


Anonymous said: what is necessary for being a hunter?

uhhm this is a weird question tho haha but its pretty simple. you should love him, fangirl about him and know his songs c:

May 26 / 1
hunterschilenas said: me encanta tu Tumblr <3.

aww muchas graciass! «3

May 16 / 52
perfecthunter said: i love your edits!:)

awww, let me love you «3 thank you bby

Anonymous said: ¿Where did u get all the pictures? Thank u :)<3.

well they are from facebook, matt’s twitter or matt fan pages c: xo

ctchng-fire said: Follow back? lml » follow me back? This blog is a sub-blog which means it’s connected to my main blog, therefore I cannot follow anyone back, sorry :/

I would love to! but I can’t :(